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Geneva is the second-most populous city in Switzerland (after Zrich), located where
Lake Geneva (French: Lac de Genve or Lac Lman) empties into the Rhne River.

"Geneva" is also the name of the westernmost canton of Switzerland,
surrounded on almost all sides by France and centered around the city of
Geneva. The official name of this canton is Rpublique et Canton de Genve.
Like some other Swiss cantons (Ticino, Neuchtel) this canton calls itself a
republic, as part of the Swiss confederation.


Geneva was the name of a settlement of the Celtic people of the Allobrogi.
After the Roman conquest it became part of the Provincia Romana (Gallia
Narbonensis). At Geneva Caesar hemmed in the Helvetii on their westward
march. In the 9th century it became the capital of Burgundy. In the 16th
century Geneva was the center of Calvinism; the old town Cathedral (Temple
St-Pierre) was John Calvin's own church. It became a canton in 1815.

The city of Geneva is the seat of many international organizations, and was
the seat of the League of Nations until its dissolution. Many United Nations
organizations maintain offices here.

Notable sights in Geneva include its Clock Museum and Art & History Museum.

Geneva's most visible landmark however is not a museum, church or tower, but
a fountain: the Jet d'Eau, water-jet, situated in Lake Geneva and visible
throughout the city for its 140 metre high water column.

The city is served by Geneva Cointrin International Airport.


Source: National Office of Statistics

   * Current population (2001) of the city of Geneva: 176,000, of which
     43.4% foreign.
   * Current population (2001) of the canton of Geneva: 414,300, of which
     37.6% foreign.
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