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A rule of conduct or procedure established by custom, agreement, or authority. The body of rules and principles governing the affairs of a community and enforced by a political authority; a legal system: international law. The condition of social order and justice created by adherence to such a system: a breakdown of law and civilized behavior. A set of rules or principles dealing with a specific area of a legal system: tax law; criminal law. A piece of enacted legislation. What is Law?

Timeline of black hole physics

   * 1640 - Ismael Bullialdus suggests an inverse-square gravitational force
   * 1684 - Isaac Newton writes down his inverse-square Law of universal
   * 1758 - Ru?er Josip Bo?kovi? developes his Theory of forces, where
     gravity can be repulsive on small distances. So according to him such
     strange classical bodies, similar to white holes, can exist, which
     won't let other bodies to reach their surfaces,
   * 1784 - John Michell discusses classical bodies which have escape
     velocities greater than the speed of light,
   * 1795 - Pierre Laplace discusses classical bodies which have escape
     velocities greater than the speed of light,
   * 1798 - Henry Cavendish measures the gravitational constant G,
   * 1876 - William Clifford suggests that the motion of matter may be due
     to changes in the geometry of space,
   * 1909 - Albert Einstein together with Marcel Grossmann starts to develop
     a theory which would bind metric tensor gik, which defines a space
     geometry, with a source of gravity, that is with mass,
   * 1910 - Hans Reissner and Gunnar Nordstrm defines Reissner-Nordstrm
     singularity, Hermann Weyl solves special case for a point-body source,
   * 1916 - Karl Schwarzschild solves the Einstein vacuum field equations
     for uncharged spherically-symmetric non-rotating systems,
   * 1917 - Paul Ehrenfest gives conditional principle a three dimensional
   * 1918 - Hans Reissner and Gunnar Nordstrm solve the Einstein-Maxwell
     field equations for charged spherically-symmetric non-rotating systems,
   * 1918 - Friedrich Kottler gets Schwarzschild solution without Einstein
     vacuum field equations,
   * 1923 - George Birkhoff proves that the Schwarzschild spacetime geometry
     is the unique spherically symmetric solution of the Einstein vacuum
     field equations,
   * 1939 - Robert Oppenheimer and Hartland Snyder calculate the
     gravitational collapse of a pressure-free homogeneous fluid sphere and
     find that it cuts itself off from communication with the rest of the
   * 1963 - Roy Kerr solves the Einstein vacuum field equations for
     uncharged symmetric rotating systems,
   * 1964 - Roger Penrose proves that an imploding star will necessarily
     produce a singularity once it has formed an event horizon,
   * 1965 - Ezra Newman, E. Couch, K. Chinnapared, A. Exton, A. Prakash, and
     Robert Torrence solve the Einstein-Maxwell field equations for charged
     rotating systems,
   * 1967 - Werner Israel presented the proof of the no hair theorem at
     Kings College in London,
   * 1968 - Brandon Carter uses Hamilton-Jacobi theory to derive first-order
     equations of motion for a charged particle moving in the external
     fields of a Kerr-Newman black hole,
   * 1969 - Roger Penrose discusses the Penrose process for the extraction
     of the spin energy from a Kerr black hole,
   * 1969 - Roger Penrose proposes the cosmic censorship hypothesis,
   * 1971 - Identification of Cygnus X-1/HDE 226868 as a binary black hole
     candidate system,
   * 1972 - Stephen Hawking proves that the area of a classical black hole's
     event horizon cannot decrease,
   * 1972 - James Bardeen, Brandon Carter, and Stephen Hawking propose four
     laws of black hole mechanics in analogy with the laws of
   * 1972 - Jacob Bekenstein suggests that black holes have an entropy
     proportional to their surface area due to information loss effects,
   * 1974 - Stephen Hawking applies quantum field theory to black hole
     spacetimes and shows that black holes will radiate particles with a
     blackbody spectrum which can cause black hole evaporation,
   * 1989 - Identification of GS2023+338/V404 Cygni as a binary black hole
     candidate system,
   * 2002 - Astronomers present evidence for the hypothesis that Sagittarius
     A* is a supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way galaxy,
   * 2002 - NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory identifies double galactic
     black holes system in merging galaxies NGC 6240.
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