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Timeline of New York 2001 anthrax attack

New York City and New Jersey

   * September 18, 2001: A letter containing anthrax is postmarked from
     Trenton, New Jersey to Tom Brokaw.

     A secretary in the New Jersey governor's office received a FedEx
     package containing a stamped letter addressed to Tom Brokaw. She put it
     in the mail. As of October 16, it is unknown if that was the letter
     containing anthrax.

   * September 25, 2001: Erin O'Connor, an NBC Nightly News employee, 38, an
     assistant to Tom Brokaw, opens a letter postmarked from Trenton
     containing a brown granular substance. The letter was addressed with
     crude handwritten block letters, with no return address. She is the
     mother of a toddler and wife of a NYPD police officer.

   * September 28: A female freelance producer for ABC World News Tonight
     takes her seven-month-old son to a birthday party in the ABC offices on
     W. 66th St. They visited the World News Tonight offices on the second
     floor and a tape-editing room on the third floor.

     O'Connor develops a low-grade fever and a rash on her collarbone.

   * September 29: The child began presenting symptoms of fever, swelling on
     one arm, and an ulcer on one elbow. The mother suspects an infected
     spider bite.

   * October 1: The child is admitted to New York University Medical Center.

     O'Connor begins receiving Cipro.

     A 20-something female CBS News aide, who handles mail for Dan Rather in
     an office next to his, came into work with a mosquito-bite sized mark
     on her left cheek. She is allergic to bug bites.

   * October 2: The CBS News aide goes to a doctor after the mark begins

   * October 4: The CBS News aide's doctor prescribes penicillin, and the
     swelling slowly subsides.

   * October 10: A skin biopsy is taken from O'Connor and sent to the CDC.

   * Friday, October 12, a case of anthrax is reported in New York City.
     O'Connor is reported to have cutaneous anthrax. Another letter from St.
     Petersburg contained a white powder which tested negative for anthrax.
     The third floor of 30 Rockefeller Center, where the employee works, is
     sealed by authorities. The FBI is conducting a criminal investigation.

   * Sunday, October 14: A police officer and two lab technicians who
     handled the letter were found to have been exposed to anthrax. The
     officer and one of the lab technicians tested positive for anthrax in
     their nasal passages; the other technician had anthrax on the face.
     None were found to be infected.

   * Monday, October 15, evening: Tests done by the CDC confirm that the
     baby had anthrax. New York City officials and David Westin, president
     of ABC News announce that the 7-month-old baby of an ABC World News
     Tonight producer contracted cutaneous anthrax.

   * Tuesday, October 16: It is reported that the anthrax bacteria sent to
     NBC is of the same strain as that found in Boca Raton. Furthermore, the
     letters sent to Tom Brokaw at NBC and the letter sent to Tom Daschle's
     office in Washington reportedly show similarities in handwriting.

   * Wednesday, October 17: Anthrax is found in the New York City office of
     Governor George Pataki. Reportedly the anthrax was found in a room used
     by his State Police security detail that is not open to the public.
     Pataki closes his offices and begins taking Cipro in response, which
     many health experts and journalistic commentators call irresponsible

     Federal health officials state that the NBC anthrax is the same strain
     as the American Media anthrax.

   * Thursday, October 18, morning: Andrew Heyward, CBS News president,
     announces that a female employee of CBS News who handles mail,
     contracted cutaneous anthrax.

     Giuliani announced that 350 samples from the NBC offices were tested
     negative for anthrax, giving a total of approximately 850 negative
     tests so far. 59 of 70 samples from ABC were tested negative; the rest
     are pending. Later numbers from the same day: 1100 results, all
     negative from 1304 taken from NBC employees.

     New Jersey acting governor Donald DiFrancesco announced that a Hamilton
     Township postal worker tested positive for cutaneous anthrax.
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