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The Azerbaijan Republic in the Caucasus on the Caspian Sea shares borders
with Russia in the north, Georgia, Armenia, in the west and Iran in the
south. The Naxcivan exclave borders on Armenia, Iran, and Turkey.

A nation in the Caucasus of Turkic
Muslims, it has been an independent
republic since the collapse of the
Soviet Union in 1991. Despite a
cease-fire, in place since 1994,
Azerbaijan has yet to resolve its
conflict with Armenia over the
Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh enclave            National motto: 
(largely Armenian populated).
Azerbaijan has lost almost 20% of its
territory and must support some        Official language   Azeri
750,000 refugees as a result of the    Capital             Baku
conflict. Corruption is ubiquitous and Capital's           40 22' N, 49
the promise of wealth from             coordinates         53' E
Azerbaijan's undeveloped petroleum
resources remains largely unfulfilled. President           Ilham Aliyev
Critics of the government of           Prime Minister      Ilham Aliyev
Azerbaijan consider it to be a
Kleptocracy.                           Area                Ranked 111th
                                       - Total            86,600 km2
                                       - % water          Negligible
                                       Population          Ranked 89th
                                       - Total (2003 E)   7'830'764
                                       - Density          90/km2
                                       Independence        (From Soviet Union)
                                                           30 August 1991
                                       Currency            Manat (AZM)
                                       Time zone           UTC +5 (DST +6)
                                       National anthem     
History                                Internet TLD        .AZ
                                       Calling Code        994

Historically, Azerbaijan included parts of what is now Iran, and the term is
still used locally to describe those regions. Politically, this area is now
divided into the Iranian provinces of West Azarbaijan (Azarbayjan-e Gharbi)
and East Azerbaijan (Azarbayjan-e Sharqi).


Administrative divisions

Azerbaijan is divided into:

   * 59 rayons (rayonlar; rayon - singular),
   * 11 cities* (saharlar; sahar - singular),
   * 1 autonomous republic** (muxtar respublika);

Abseron Rayonu, Agcabadi Rayonu, Agdam Rayonu, Agdas Rayonu, Agstafa Rayonu,
Agsu Rayonu, Ali Bayramli Sahari*, Astara Rayonu, Baki Sahari*, Balakan
Rayonu, Barda Rayonu, Beylaqan Rayonu, Bilasuvar Rayonu, Cabrayil Rayonu,
Calilabad Rayonu, Daskasan Rayonu, Davaci Rayonu, Fuzuli Rayonu, Gadabay
Rayonu, Ganca Sahari*, Goranboy Rayonu, Goycay Rayonu, Haciqabul Rayonu,
Imisli Rayonu, Ismayilli Rayonu, Kalbacar Rayonu, Kurdamir Rayonu, Lacin
Rayonu, Lankaran Rayonu, Lankaran Sahari*, Lerik Rayonu, Masalli Rayonu,
Mingacevir Sahari*, Naftalan Sahari*, Naxcivan Muxtar Respublikasi**,
Neftcala Rayonu, Oguz Rayonu, Qabala Rayonu, Qax Rayonu, Qazax Rayonu,
Qobustan Rayonu, Quba Rayonu, Qubadli Rayonu, Qusar Rayonu, Saatli Rayonu,
Sabirabad Rayonu, Saki Rayonu, Saki Sahari*, Salyan Rayonu, Samaxi Rayonu,
Samkir Rayonu, Samux Rayonu, Siyazan Rayonu, Sumqayit Sahari*, Susa Rayonu,
Susa Sahari*, Tartar Rayonu, Tovuz Rayonu, Ucar Rayonu, Xacmaz Rayonu,
Xankandi Sahari*, Xanlar Rayonu, Xizi Rayonu, Xocali Rayonu, Xocavand
Rayonu, Yardimli Rayonu, Yevlax Rayonu, Yevlax Sahari*, Zangilan Rayonu,
Zaqatala Rayonu, Zardab Rayonu.
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